By Jayla Burton, Program Officer

The SABCS Video Backdrop featuring the SABCS logoFor decades billions of dollars have been poured into breast cancer research. And each December clinicians and researchers from around the world gather at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS) to share the latest study results. For more than twenty years, Breast Cancer Action has gone into the belly of the beast, providing our unique, patient-centered, and social justice perspective and reporting back to you the latest findings with our independent analysis.

Our team provided a deep and comprehensive summary of the latest updates presented in our blogs posted throughout the week. We covered everything from immunotherapy, to screening for Black women, and changes in treatment protocols that will spare more women from chemo. Check out all of our SABCS blogs here:

Our professional, expert analysis comes to you without industry funding, and it shows. We say things others won’t say and we can provide our critical take free of charge to anyone who needs it across the country. Our patient-centered analysis and our unique brand of truth-telling are funded by people like you, who know you can get something from us that you can’t get anywhere else.

The conference may be over, but we will continue to use our independent, watchdog voice on behalf of people living with and at risk of breast cancer.