Breast Cancer Action’s Strategic Plan 2022 – 2027

Our 5-Year Strategic Vision: A Radical Strategy for Addressing and Ending Breast Cancer Through a Health Justice Lens

Breast Cancer Action’s breadth of expertise, deep history of values driven work, and the strength of our community open up a range of possibilities as to how our work can unfold. In this iteration of our unique role within the breast cancer landscape, we will focus on three core strategies: Action and Accountability, Equity and Justice, and Advocacy and Research – each navigated through our radical health justice and environmental justice lenses.

In reading our 2022 – 2027 Strategic Plan Packet, you’ll learn how our current goals build on our history, see our plans articulated in a strategic planning map and theory of change, and gain insight into how this work came together with graphic notes detailing our internal strategic planning sessions.

We are grateful for the contributions of all who have made this strategic plan possible including board, staff, funders, allies, partners, members, and contributing artists. Thank you for your part in the work to address and end the breast cancer crisis.

Read the strategic plan online here:


You can also download and print a PDF of our 2022 – 2027 Strategic Plan.


Social Justice
Breast Cancer Action recognizes that the breast cancer epidemic is a social justice issue. Breast cancer is a widespread health crisis in a male-dominated and profit-driven society, and addressing and ending the breast cancer epidemic requires profound changes at every level of our society. READ MORE

History & Accomplishments
Rooted in activism, Breast Cancer Action continues to hold the breast cancer industry accountable. READ MORE

The Cancer Industry
The cancer industry consists of corporations, organizations, and agencies that diminish or mask the extent of the cancer problem, fail to protect our health, or divert attention away from the importance of finding the causes of breast cancer and working to prevent the disease. READ MORE