In May 2014, the Breast Cancer Action Board of Directors approved our Strategic Plan for the years 2014–2019. This plan is the result of many inclusive discussions about the future of Breast Cancer Action that drew upon the wisdom and imagination of hundreds of people across our richly diverse community.

This plan is a living document that represents our best efforts to articulate a clear set of strategic initiatives, outcomes, and tactics that will carry forward our history of activism and create a future that is healthier and more just for people in all communities living with and at risk of breast cancer. One of the biggest differences between this plan and the previous plan is the heightening of our commitment to social justice, which is now reflected at the very heart of our mission statement, values, vision for the future, and program priorities.

As we head into our 25th anniversary year, we are excited to launch our new Strategic Plan and grateful to everyone, including our Board, staff, members, funders, allies, and partners, who gave so generously of their time and insights to help create it.

Read the strategic plan online here:

You can also download and print the full Strategic Plan PDF.


Social Justice
Breast Cancer Action recognizes that the breast cancer epidemic is a social justice issue. Breast cancer is a widespread health crisis in a male-dominated and profit-driven society, and addressing and ending the breast cancer epidemic requires profound changes at every level of our society. READ MORE

History & Accomplishments
Rooted in activism, Breast Cancer Action continues to hold the breast cancer industry accountable. READ MORE

The Cancer Industry
The cancer industry consists of corporations, organizations, and agencies that diminish or mask the extent of the cancer problem, fail to protect our health, or divert attention away from the importance of finding the causes of breast cancer and working to prevent the disease. READ MORE