BCAction’s work to advance our mission and push forward our priorities is made possible year by year through the commitment and support of ordinary individuals doing extraordinary things. The path we have charted for Breast Cancer Action will become a reality because people who believe in our work and in their own power will strive with us to create that future.

2021-2022 Annual Report Now Available

Breast Cancer Action continues to strengthen our infrastructure and our intersectional health justice stances. 

During the year covered in this Annual Report, we completed and published our 2022 – 2027 Strategic Plan. In it we recognized and honored that boldly addressing health inequities is essential to addressing and ending breast cancer, and achieving health justice. Woven throughout the document is our unique vision of the ways in which environmental justice, health justice, and racial justice are inseparable. Their intersections are where we find our unique role in the spaces of public health, environmental justice, and the breast cancer community. 

Strategic Planning emboldens our stances and our team. Reinvigorated by defining our indispensable take on issues relevant to the breast cancer community, our work and our programming grows stronger. As you’ll see in this year’s Annual Report, we are relentless in connecting the dots on fossil fuels, the climate crisis, environmental exposures, environmental racism, public health policies, inequities in prevention strategies and access to treatment, and breast cancer risk.

Download and print the 2021 – 2022 Report Now.


Previous Reports

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