Barbara Brenner was a hell-raiser of the first order. As Breast Cancer Action’s executive director for 15 years, she was a powerful advocate for women living with and at risk of breast cancer. Her wit, clarity, and courage put BCAction on the map as a radical women’s health activist organization.

So Much to Be Done Book CoverBefore Barbara’s diagnosis and untimely death from ALS in 2013, her retirement plan was to write a book about her experiences as a health activist and gadfly of the breast cancer industry. So Much to Be Done is a powerful collection of Barbara’s writings edited by Barbara Sjoholm.

Whether you knew Barbara during her tenure at BCAction or not, this book is chock full of insights about feminism, health activism, and living and dying on one’s own terms.

Here’s what Judy Norsigian, co-founder of Our Bodies, Ourselves, said about the book: “A visionary like Barbara Brenner comes along so rarely, and when such a person has left a wealth of insightful commentary filled with brilliant analyses and trenchant wit, we are doubly fortunate. Barbara Brenner’s writing is a treasure trove of tools and ideas for making the world a better place for all.”

BCAction members across the country have planned book events at their local bookstores or in their homes. Get in touch if you’d like to organize a book event near you.

The world lost Barbara too soon and we are grateful that her visionary writings are being published for all of us to learn from – and continue her legacy of activism. You can order So Much to be Done by clicking here.