We advocate for treatments that put patients’ interests before those of corporations. All women deserve access to evidence-based, patient-centered information so they can fully engage in their healthcare decisions. Breast cancer research, treatment, and screening must be patient-centered and responsive to the needs of women at risk of and living with breast cancer, and should not reflect corporate or industry bias that puts profits over patients.

Our work on treatment examines the data from a patient perspective and includes analyses of breast cancer screening; healthcare access; drug and device approval; and more effective, less costly, and less toxic treatments.

Our position is that for a new treatment to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration, newly approved treatments should either be less toxic, more effective, or more affordable than existing treatments. And effective and affordable treatment should be available to all breast cancer patients, regardless of race or economic status.

Decisions about appropriate treatment options for breast cancer are deeply personal and vary, depending on lifestyle, personal history, tolerance, and constitution. BCAction offers neither treatment nor medical advice. However, we do provide accurate, unbiased information that allows patients to make well-informed decisions about available treatments based on personal needs. We respond to individual requests for information with our Information and Resources service, closely monitor issues related to treatment, and publish articles about treatment issues in our blog.

If you are newly diagnosed, click here for more resources. And click here for a glossary of terms often used in discussion of treatment options.

Please contact us if you have immediate needs or questions regarding BCAction’s position on treatment issues.

Call our resource liaison at (415) 243-9301 or e-mail info@bcaction.org.