Posted on November 12, 2021

At Breast Cancer Action’s October event Radical Disruption & Compassionate Resistance, we hosted a panel of four expert breast cancer activists who spoke to the power of our 2021 Think Before You Pink® campaign Stop Banking on Breast Cancer. The panel featured BCAction Program Manager Jayla Burton, BCAction Executive Director Krystal Redman, nationally-known biologist, author, and former cancer patient Dr. Sandra Steingraber, and BCAction Board Member and American Indian Cancer Foundation Health Equity Manager CoCo Villaluz. Together, the panelists elucidated never-before-explored connections between breast cancer, fossil fuels, financial institutions, and environmental racism that brought the campaign to life. They demonstrated why we must take action to stop Susan G. Komen’s Pink Ribbon Banking Program – and the cancer-causing fossil industry overall. The panelists went beyond the analytical and they touched on the personal stories and challenges that have driven their commitment to this work, which brought home the importance of this bold campaign.

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Take Action: Stop Banking on Breast Cancer
Take action with us now. Email Susan G. Komen and let them know: In order to truly address and end the breast cancer crisis, they must stop banking on breast cancer and divest from pinkwashing! ADD YOUR VOICE NOW

Stop Banking On Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer Action’s 2021 Think Before You Pink® campaign calls out Susan G. Komen®’s partnership with Bank of America and the Susan G. Komen® Pink Ribbon Banking Program, which is comprised of both a credit and debit card. SEE THE CAMPAIGN

Why We Must Stop Fossil Fuels
Toxic exposure from fossil fuel infrastructure is harmful in more ways than one. Exposure to cancer-causing chemicals, hormone disruptors, and other chemicals of concern throughout the fossil fuel continuum have huge impacts. LEARN MORE