Posted on September 21, 2023

By Haleemah Atobiloye, Program Manager

Our most recent research project for the California Breast Cancer Research Program gave us valuable insight into our immigrant communities, and resulted in our latest fact sheet, What We’ve Learned About Breast Cancer from the California Immigrant Communitynow available in Spanish.

We determined that one of the significant factors that contributes to disparities in breast cancer diagnoses and treatment outcomes is the language barrier: many immigrants and their families do not speak or read English, making printed educational materials useless if they are not in a person’s spoken language.

Making this fact sheet available in Spanish is crucial (nearly 40% of California immigrants are of Hispanic/Latino origin), as it is written for policymakers and advocates, and for immigrant communities.

You can access the Spanish version directly in PDF to download, print, and share, or head to the webpage for the fact sheet, where we have posted the full text, with printable English and Spanish versions available.

Language Justice” refers to “a key practice used in social justice movements in order to create shared power, practice inclusion and dismantle traditional systems of oppression that have traditionally disenfranchised non-English speakers.” -Community Language Cooperative

Making resources available in languages other than English is an act of language justice, and as a health justice organization rooted in social justice values, we are in the process of growing our language justice practices. We know that addressing and ending the breast cancer crisis will involve environmental, racial, and climate justice. Naming and acting on the intersections with language justice is a step toward our collective liberation. By democratizing information on breast cancer, we’re working toward a world where all communities can be free of this disease.

Access the fact sheet today, available in English and Spanish.

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