Written By: Jayla Burton, Program Officer

Do you think breast cancer and the global addiction to fossil fuel are two separate crises? Think again.

The use of fossil fuels not only contributes to climate change, but exposures also increase our risk of developing breast cancer. We can be exposed to these harmful chemicals in places where we live, work, learn, and play. It’s time to stop fueling breast cancer!

Today we are launching our newest fact sheet and inviting you to join us as we continue our work to end the breast cancer epidemic by turning off the tap to the fossil fuel industry. To learn more, check out our Why We Must Stop Fossil Fuels factsheet!

Fossil fuels take many forms, and we are exposed to toxic chemicals through multiple sources including vehicle exhaust, industrial operations, pesticides, plastics and much more!

The collective exposures throughout the fossil fuel continuum pose grave threats to our health. And the impacts can be even more detrimental for communities of color that are living, working, and playing near fossil fuel infrastructure. To end the breast cancer epidemic and protect our health we must turn off the tap on the fossil fuel economy and end involuntary exposures.

Learn more and join the movement to power down the fossil fuel economy to prevent exposures to chemicals that increase breast cancer risk!