Written By: Rebecca Saltzman, Deputy Director

We are so excited to announce our transition to a fully-remote organization.
As people across the nation are adapting to working from home, we have chosen to embrace this opportunity and are moving out of physical office space. We see the transition to an all-virtual team not as a challenge but as an invitation to more fully take on the work of the cancer resistance across the country.
As part of this organizational growth, we are capitalizing on the opportunity to hire staff from all over the country. Our team now includes staff in California, Nebraska, and North Dakota. We are currently undergoing a search for a new Executive Director and we are connecting with the best and brightest, to find a leader in our effort to address and end the breast cancer epidemic.

Breast Cancer Action Remote Staff and Interns

Many of our members have long been asking for new ways to get involved with the organization from places like Boston, New York, and the Midwest. We’ve heard you – and part of the reason we chose to go remote is to better connect with our national membership. We are also planning to more fully take on national legislative work and action opportunities, work that Breast Cancer Action is known for. 
If you have ideas for new ways to connect and better engage with our members nationally, as we transition to working remotely, you can reply here via email or contact us via our (new!) mailing address:
Breast Cancer Action
548 Market St
PMB 17179
San Francisco, California 94104-5401 US

Our previous address will still be functional for the next several months during this transition, so if you currently have something in the mail to us there is no need to worry. The mail delivered to the new address will be directed to the appropriate staff member at our respective remote offices.
Thank you for your continued support as we transition, grow, and work to achieve health justice for all people living with and at risk of breast cancer.