Posted on September 26, 2023

By Heather Perkins, Deputy Director

My time spent in the nonprofit sector has thankfully afforded me encounters that yield transformative gifts, and I want to share with you an experience that has forever transformed me. 

BCAction community member Kim Cox gave me, and now many others, a transformative gift through planned giving to BCAction. Kim lived a life of lifting up others and chose to do the same after death.

Planned giving is priceless. A legacy gift echoes a life lived well by putting others before oneself. Acts upon acts of continuous love. I hope we continue to work and act in ways that honor the souls of people like Kim.

We are honored to acknowledge all tribute gifts made between March 2, 2023, and September 1, 2023. 

I, like all of us, witness actions and feel their outcomes. When an act is done with love, I think the world is made better. The collective action I have had the honor to witness during my time with BCAction has been made up of loving, mindful, and intentional actions that occur selflessly and genuinely. I am endlessly grateful to be among our community of activists who work toward good health and well-being for us all.

I am moved by the opportunity to celebrate and give thanks to those who give to others, turning times of loss into opportunity for growth and change. In recognizing gifts made in honor and memory of others, we are able to pause, reflect, give thanks, grieve, and celebrate the people we love. This is an opportunity to transform hurt into help.

Please join me in celebrating the lives of people who have been honored by gifts made in honor or in memory to Breast Cancer Action. And to celebrate those who made these gifts – those who seek to advance causes that yield a world where all may feel love, belonging, and acceptance as pathways to lives that thrive.

Lifting up the stories and memories of our loved ones emboldens the continued work of Breast Cancer Action. We are inspired by those who are honored through donations made in this way, and honored to be a part of the collective memory of the loved ones in our community.

Thank you. Thank you for being a friend and an ally in the work necessary to create a just, kinder, more equitable and thriving world.