By Connie Matthiessen, Communications Manager

We’re very happy to introduce you to Jayla Burton who joined Breast Cancer Action’s staff as our Program Officer in July. 

Jayla is a graduate student at the University of San Francisco pursuing dual Masters Degrees in Public Health and Behavioral Health Science. She has a passion for reducing health disparities, promoting social justice, and advocating for best practices in healthcare. She has worked in Global Health, Women’s Health, Behavioral Health, and Harm Reduction. She admires Breast Cancer Action’s drive to identify the root causes of breast cancer. As the Program Officer, Jayla will work with Breast Cancer Action to execute the Think Before You Pink® (TB4UP) campaign and all other national campaigns. Jayla will also facilitate engagement year-round promoting policy and advocacy educational campaigns. In her free time, she enjoys dancing and learning about different cultures’ dance styles and techniques. She is originally from Ohio, but enjoys the Bay Area and all it has to offer. 

Tell us a little about yourself and what brought you to Breast Cancer Action.

I have had experience supporting loved ones through their breast cancer journeys. As a public health and behavioral health professional, I understand the importance of support from family, friends, and institutions. Unfortunately, there are many organizations and institutions with hidden agendas that do not fully support those affected by breast cancer. However, Breast Cancer Action is different and fully supports its members while courageously addressing health disparities and environmental factors that promote breast cancer. I was excited to hear about the Program Officer position at Breast Cancer Action because I want to support the breast cancer community by raising awareness, spreading knowledge, and taking action.

What most inspires/excites you about Breast Cancer Action’s work?

I admire the organization’s independence and dedication. Its past campaigns have made impactful change, and held leading corporations and officials accountable. Breast Cancer Action’s initiatives and attitudes align with my personal goals and passions. The organization is powerful and strong, which helps it continue to be successful.

What are you looking forward to working on/what do you think are the most pressing issues in breast cancer?

I was excited to hear about the Program Officer position at Breast Cancer Action because it encompasses my love for public health and policy. I am interested in working on new campaigns that will reduce risk factors and promote healthy outcomes for individuals with breast cancer. Also, I am excited to be working for an organization that acts as a watchdog for potential legislation, regulations, and policies that threaten the well-being of individuals with and at risk of developing breast cancer, and challenges those efforts.