Posted on October 23, 2023

By Haleemah Atobiloye, Program Manager

This week in Think Before You Pink® Goes Rogue we’re focused on The Politics of Breast Cancer, because breast cancer has always been political.

Who has access to healthcare, effective treatments, and safe and healthy environments is determined by economic inequality, by policies set at the local and federal level, and by the effectiveness of our regulatory agencies.

Join us this week in learning more, building collective power, and taking action to demand changes in policy that will address and end breast cancer by preventing this disease before it starts.

What Are the Politics of Breast Cancer?

The breast cancer crisis highlights often-overlooked intersections between politics, social justice, the law, and the healthcare industry.

At BCAction, we address the politics of breast cancer at the intersections of social justice, legislation, and science. This encompasses a wide range of social, economic, and policy-related issues regarding breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, and support for individuals affected by the disease.

Read more about how we define the politics of breast cancer.

Our Policy Priorities and Our Critical Lens

Breast Cancer Action has three programmatic priorities: issues of breast cancer screening, treatment, and diagnosis; the root causes of the disease (a.k.a breast cancer and the environment); and pink ribbon marketing culture.

These core areas of expertise determine our policy priorities. We analyze, support or oppose, and take action on legislation regarding: policies in healthcare, including advocating for universal healthcare (issues of breast cancer screening, treatment, and diagnosis), policies on the environment and chemical regulation, including energy policies which impact the environment (root causes of the disease), and corporate accountability (born of our critical lens on pink ribbon fundraisers, our experience in following the money, and our values of accountability, transparency, and prioritizing people’s health over corporate profit).

We carry out our legislative advocacy in three ways: 1) We demand changes from legislators by sending letters, making calls, and attending virtual and in-person meetings in support of the passage of specific bills, 2) We endorse and join allied organizations in supporting or opposing bills, and 3) We make our community of breast cancer activists aware of relevant bills and issues, so we can take action together.

The criteria that guide our endorsements are:

  • Will this bill improve treatment outcomes for people living with and at risk of breast cancer?
  • Will this bill reduce our involuntary exposure to toxins that increase our risk for breast cancer?
  • Will this bill eliminate existing barriers to accessing affordable and quality healthcare?

Read more about how we define the politics of breast cancer, and how we bring honesty, fearlessness, and truth-telling about the breast cancer crisis to public policy conversations.

Take Action!

This week, in week four of our 2023 Think Before You Pink campaign, Think Before You Pink Goes Rogue, join us learning more – and taking action on – the politics of breast cancer.

Together, we will:

  • Take action on three critical pieces of legislation, The Environmental Justice for All Act, California’s Senate Bill 252 (the Fossil Fuel Divestment Bill), and the Metastatic Access to Care Act. Visit our Take Action page and add your name to all three of these action opportunities – and demand change from your legislators!
  • Throughout the week on our social media @bcaction, we’ll release educational materials on how a bill becomes law, and explain how to voice your concerns to your State and U.S. Congressional Representatives.
  • And we’ll come together this Thursday, October 26 for a virtual lobby day to take action and spread the word on the politics of breast cancer. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to join in the action!