Posted on December 12, 2023

By Heather Perkins, Deputy Director

Breast Cancer Action has stood out in the breast cancer landscape for more than 33 years because of our uncompromising values.

Values that prioritize people’s health and wellbeing over profits. Values that promote honesty, accountability, and integrity. Values that have led the movement to hold pink ribbon marketing culture accountable. And these values guide all of our work to address and end the breast cancer crisis..

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Breast Cancer Action values:

  • People’s health and wellbeing, not corporate profit
  • Freedom from conflict of interest
  • Transparency and accountability from ourselves and others
  • The uplifting and centering of diverse voices and lived experiences
  • Honesty, fearlessness, and truth-telling about the breast cancer crisis
  • Collective action and cross-movement collaboration that changes the world for the better
  • Health justice as a human right
  • Action over awareness
  • Partnering with integrity, purpose, and passion
  • And being critical consumers of inclusive science

Our principled, patient-centered work needs your support and investment to continue.

I invest my talent, time, and money to support the transformational work of Breast Cancer Action because these values and our mission are unique.

Leading from the intersections of health justice, environmental justice, racial justice, and climate justice, BCAction works to achieve health justice for all people at risk of and living with breast cancer by focusing on systemic interventions, which includes policies, institutions, and practices, and by centering people with the furthest relationship to power.

Breast Cancer Action puts people first, and we always have. Beholden to no corporate interests, we need your support.  100% of your financial investment goes into our work—a promise made 33 years ago and a promise kept because Breast Cancer Action will never accept money that compromises our values.

Together with you, we will not stop until we end the breast cancer crisis.