Posted on June 8, 2022

How do those living with and at risk of breast cancer “trust” science, when science has a history of being untrustworthy, and especially so in their treatment of the BIPOC community? As discussed in the episode, “Trust in Science: A Panel Conversation,” the labor of building trust is often shifted to the individual. For example, a common solution to the lack of data and research on the BIPOC community, is, as BCAction Board Member Tamatha Thomas Haase describes, imploring BIPOC folx to “join more clinical trials!” But there is a lack of collaboration between science and people who live with the reality of breast cancer every day, and we know that there is much more that needs to be done before getting to this point. What building trust could look like, as described by Tigerlily Founder and CEO Maimah Karmo, is flipping the script – putting people with breast cancer on stage in our research panels, and the scientists in the audience. This podcast episode explores this and other necessary takeaways from the conversation between these two leaders, and facilitated by BCAction Executive Director Krystal Redman, at the 18th Annual Billie Gardner Loulan Memorial Benefit, which took place om May 19, 2022. Founded by former BCAction Board Member JoAnn Loulan, the Billie Gardner Loulan Memorial Benefit honors JoAnn’s mother and others who have died from breast cancer, and raises crucial funds for Breast Cancer Action’s work to address and end breast cancer. 

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