Posted on July 25, 2021

By Heather Stone, Development and Communications Associate

Today is the last day of the Drawing the Connections art auction and we’re 98% of the way to meeting our fundraising goal. Help us raise the last $300 today!

You can help us get there by:

  • Bidding on a piece of art
  • Purchasing one of the “Shop Now” prints
  • Making a direct donation

Check out the pieces and artists that are highlighted below and then go bid!

Each of the incredible participating artists has shared values with BCAction, either in the realms of health justice, social change, or envisioning a world without breast cancer. By participating in the auction you are helping to  support these artists and contribute to our vital work to address and end breast cancer.

We couldn’t do this work without you.

Four featured pieces from Breast Cancer Action's Drawing the Connections art auction.

Drawing the Connections
Virtual Art Auction
Bid through today! Friday, June 25

Untitled by Darla ArellanoDarla Arellano – “High Voltage” & “My Style Might Question Ya” Set of 2 Graphic Prints 
(Glossy Cardstock Prints, set of two)

Graffiti Chicana is a community-based artist from East Oakland who loves to use any medium to express herself.

“I draw badass girls/women I observe in magazines or who I’ve met or as passersby. Black ink on white paper is how I start then I go in and use Photoshop to finalize my drawings. Sometimes I put these girls I draw onto walls and add color using spray paint.”

Branded By Her Genetic Mutation by Sharon SteuerSharon Steuer – “Branded by Her Genetic Mutation”
(Auction Item 1: 20×30 digital print on silk)
(Auction Item 2: 28×42 digital print on washable polyester)
(Purchase: 8×10 print)

To create “Branded by Her Genetic Mutation,” Sharon located the application that the U.S. Supreme Court rejected, in which Myriad Pharmaceuticals’ attempted to patent her BRCA1 genetic defect.

Extracting a page from the patent, she digitally collaged a portion of the sequence with a watercolor-pencil nude drawing. Various sizes of this image are available as custom digital originals, printed on fabric, and as unique monoprint transfers.

Sharon has authored books, articles, and video courses on digital art techniques and hosts a “Digital Art Studio” series for the online digital art magazine,

Sharon has generously offered three versions of this image to Drawing the Connections.

Rage Against The Cancer Industry by Susan LiroffSusan Liroff  – “Rage Against The Cancer Industry”
(16×20 print on canvas)

Susan is a digital artist and a BCAction member. “I am a breast cancer survivor. My work is a combination of painting combined with photo imagery and much of my work is political and some is nautical. I’ve painted much imagery from Oakland and I’ve published books of my work.”

Dangerous Drugs by Khalil BendibKhalil Bendib – “Dangerous Drugs”
(11×17 reprint of ink on paper)

Khalil Bendib is a resident of Berkeley, who grew up in Morocco and Algeria.

He was born a war refugee during Algeria’s national struggle for liberation against French colonial rule. Mr. Bendib is also co-host and co-producer of KPFA radio’s weekly “Voices of the Middle East and North Africa,” which airs Wednesdays from 7 to 8 p.m., and is frequently solicited as a speaker on subjects ranging from Islam to the politics of the Middle East.

He is known both as an editorial cartoonist and as a sculptor. His cartoons are distributed by news service to over 1,700 small and mid-size newspapers across the country.

Don’t like the uncertainty of bidding? Then consider purchasing one of the four 8×10 “Shop Now” prints. Select from a variety of designs by Lauren Friedlander, Favianna Rodriguez, and Sharon Steuer.Four pieces of art available at Drawing The Connections

Pictured above are: Survivor Justice II – Favianna Rodriguez (copyright 2020; Globe – Lauren Friedlander; Branded By Her Genetic Mutation – Sharon Steuer; Carrie – Lauren Friedlander.

Thank you for supporting our first-ever Drawing the Connections art auction!