Posted on October 1, 2022

By Heather Perkins, Deputy Director

Think Before You Pink®. 20 Years. An Evolution. A Revolution.

Think Before You Pink® 2022 is here! Think Before You Pink: A (R)Evolution doesn’t just call out one egregious pink product. We’re calling out gross, profit-above-all-else capitalism as the common denominator running throughout two decades of Think Before You Pink® campaigns.

Here’s the problem: Pink ribbon culture has morphed into outrageous capitalistic campaigns, less blatant today but more insidious. As we honor 20 years of work to calling for transparency and accountability from the breast cancer industry, we’re also exposing industry tactics designed to capitalize on breast cancer.

The industry tactics that Think Before You Pink®: A (R)Evolution exposes are:

  1. The Manipulation of Media, Marketing, and Advertising
  2. Disinformation and the Suppression of Scientific Evidence
  3. Political Influence and Interference

See the campaign details now.

Join us in exploring how unregulated, rampant capitalism distracts the public with cause-marketing and consumerism while prohibiting structural change solutions.

Throughout the month we will:

Educate. We’ll be releasing materials and resources throughout October so you can learn more about how late-stage capitalism encourages ongoing profiteering off of breast cancer.

Organize. Help spread the word on the consequences of pinkwashing and share our resources with your community, including our soon-to-be-released updated Think Before You Pink® toolkit.

Take Action. Join us for our October activist connector event, Radical Disruption Compassionate Resistance, and get ready to take action on our campaign!

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