Posted on October 9, 2021

By Jayla Burton, Program Manager

The launch of our Think Before You Pink® campaign Stop Banking on Breast Cancer has been full of excitement on social media this week.

We released a social media share graphic that laid bare what we’re asking of Komen: Stop banking on breast cancer and divest from pinkwashing! Thank you those that shared this image on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Now we’re releasing the illustrated series, The Tale of the Pinkwashing Partnership.

Part I of The Tale of the Pinkwashed Partnership Part II of the Tale of the Pinkwashed Partnership Part III of the Tale of the Pinkwashed Partnership

The Partnership: Susan G Komen® and Bank of America have created a Pink Ribbon Banking Program and slapped a pink ribbon on their banking cards in the name of breast cancer.

The Path of The Money: This is a win-win for both Komen and Bank of America, but not for people living with and at risk of breast cancer. Komen’s support of Bank of America, a major fossil fuel funder, has created a profit cycle whereby Bank of America contributes to causing the very disease Komen raises money to cure.

The Impact: Komen is compromised. Their partnership with fossil fuel funder Bank of America results in a conflict of interest whereby the organization ignores the links between fossil fuel exposures and breast cancer. As they turn a blind eye to the health harms of fossil fuels, they are complicit in the promotion of an industry that poisons and contaminates our air, our water, and our bodies with chemicals linked to range of diseases and disorders, including breast cancer.

This must end. It’s time for Susan G. Komen® to stop banking on breast cancer and divest from pinkwashing! The first step: phase-out the Pink Ribbon Banking Program with Bank of America.

It’s not too late to join the social media storm. Download these graphics today and post them on your social media to help expose this classic pinkwashing partnership.

And join us in a collective action calling on Susan G. Komen at our event, Radical Disruption and Compassionate Resistance, on Tuesday, October 12 at 5:30 pm PDT / 8:30 pm EDT.