Posted on June 22, 2021

By Lopa Pal, Development Manager

Bids are coming in for the Drawing the Connections art auction!

What a rush to see the Breast Cancer Action community come together to support these activist-artists and BCAction’s vital work to address and end breast cancer.

If you haven’t yet had a chance, check out the auction today. It’s well worth it. Here are a few powerful pieces that most resonate with me.

Four pieces of art from BCAction's art auction.

Drawing the Connections
Virtual Art Auction
Bid through Friday, June 25

Tether by Tylar Young

Tylar Young – “Tether”
(22×15 photographic print)

About her art Tyler says, “I love photography because it allows people to see what I see through my lens and how I’m able to bring ideas to life. It is a source of creativity and it is my safe space. There are many ways to tell a story, and photography is how I choose to tell mine.”

In addition to “Tether,” Tylar is auctioning a series of three photos documenting various Black Lives Matter protests.

Raza by El Maldito

El Maldito – “Raza”
(11×14 unframed Poster print)

El Maldito is an artist born and raised in Southern California currently residing in Oakland California. Maldito blends a fusion of fun, colorful and intense imagery that challenges and embraces identity through a bi-racial and multi ethnic lens. They create a culmination of various projects through graphic novels, digital art, paintings and street art.

From the project “Malditoria”, an interactive card game that fuses Mexican Loteria and tarot card readings to examine identity and stereotypes in the Mexican/Indigenous diasporic experience. “Raza” is the last card and image in a deck of 54 cards that capsulizes the human experience and our ability and in ability to find unity with in our time on this earth.

My Sacred Heart by Rebecca LippiattRebecca Lippiat – “My Sacred Heart”
(8×12 print on canvas)

Rebecca Lippiat is a self-taught photographer. Influenced by the photojournalistic style of National Geographic, by the clarity and introspection of Frida Kahlo, and the clean simplicity of Georgia O’Keefe’s work, she refers to her work as visual storytelling. Rebecca works as a portrait and commercial photographer and seeks authenticity through her lens. Her work is executed from a desire to serve her subjects and her audience with an open heart.

“Everything in this portrait is symbolic both as a metaphor and as lived experience. After I had surgery for breast cancer, the wound became infected and opened up. It is surreal seeing inside of your body and I felt as if I could see into the heart of myself. In that moment, I saw this picture. We are all sacred. Each one of us carries divine light within us. We are all valuable. All necessary. The heart I am holding is that of a deer – I have often been accused of being too sensitive, but I now know that that sensitivity saved my life. The pink roses are life and motherhood. The deer/stag behind me was my protector as a child when we lived on the estate at Hatch Court, near Hatch Beauchamp. The globe shows both my birthplace and the birthplace of humanity, and the journal, my journey.”

"Serendipia by Nelson Barrera

Nelson Barrera – “Serendipia (Serendipity)”
(32×38 oil painting on linen)

Born in Valverde Mao, DR, Nelson is a publicist, painter, sculptor and restorer. He stands out as a visual artist in the area of surrealist painting and in sculptures, he works with recycled metals. Nelson has held 10 individual exhibitions of painting and five of recycling.

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