Posted on June 16, 2022

By Heather Stone, Development Manager

Thank you for helping to make Tuesday night’s Drawing the Connections Community Gathering such a delightful evening!

We had BCAction members from across the nation join us virtually, and our moving artists and speakers made it a powerful gathering.

Now all that’s left is to bid on our curated collection of health justice-centered pieces. Please bid high and bid often to help us close out Drawing the Connections successfully!

The Drawing the Connections Art Auction is open through THIS SATURDAY June 18.

The auction features over 40 pieces, including pieces like Theresa Polley-Shellcroft’s “Edge of Color, After the Storm,” depicting Theresa’s relief following breast cancer treatment, and “Maternal Mortality” from Wilhelmina Grant-Cooper, the founder of SISTAAH, Inc. (Survivors Inspiring Sisters Through Art & Advocacy for Health), an arts-based non-profit organization seeking to inform, encourage, and facilitate access to early detection of cancer by connecting the medically underserved to free screening services and information.

You can learn more about the artwork from our featured speakers and read their powerful insights about their work below.

Then be sure to head over to the auction! By supporting these artists you’ll also be supporting our work to address and end the breast cancer crisis.

Your support is our power. Thank you for practicing art-ivism alongside all of us at Drawing the Connections.

“The sun asks you to allow the light of birth, healing, rebirth, and raw joy to give power to your creative wisdom, and as you manifest a future that serves you. The sun reminds you to fortify your soul in tranquility and prepare for the sparkling intersections between calm and chaos. The sun’s rays shape systems and enlighten communities. She asks you to do the same. To open the floodgates up to the joy, to the confidence, and the revolutionary self-love that you deserve.”

– Cristy C. Road, Drawing the Connections speaker and artist, on her piece “THE SUN”



“I’ve donated two pieces. One is a self-portrait after breast reconstruction, after breast cancer and after a double mastectomy. I’ve since had my reconstruction removed, because I had breast implant illness. No regrets. But it’s been a hell of a journey. I’d like to see more done to raise awareness of the dangers of breast implants. And I’d like to see plastic surgeons dedicated more to the interests of breast cancer survivors, and not of corporations and the money that they receive for them.”

– Shelley Zentner, Drawing the Connections speaker and artist, on her piece “Reconstructed”



“I am so proud and honored to be participating in this year’s online gathering and art auction for Drawing the Connections by the beloved folks at BCAction. … BCAction is such a remarkable nonprofit that I have endless trust in and respect for.

Their platform has guided me through essential topics that became crucial to my own personal research for the photographic series “The Pink Project.” BCAction is clearly defined by the notion that pink ribbon products create an empty awareness and distract us from meaningful actions that can help achieve health justice for us all. I am grateful for their tenacity and truthtelling and for all the work that they do.”

– Sonya Naumann, Drawing the Connection speaker and artist, introducing her piece “The Pink Project – Lettuce”