Written By: Tibby Reas Hinderlie

The Food and Drug Administration’s role is to protect public health by ensuring safety and efficacy of drugs and medical devices, including those used to treat breast cancer. The drug approval process should put patients before the profits of manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies, and new breast cancer therapies should be more effective, less toxic, and less expensive than current therapies.

Now is the time to act—public comments are open until September 11. Tell the FDA that ensuring the safety and efficacy of drugs and devices starts with centering patient voices!

The image contains a stone sign reading: FDA, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Food and Drug Administration. There is a corporate building in the background and soil ground in front of the sign.

The FDA approval process has been chipped away at over the years and is now a one-sided process that puts industry over patient health and safety. As a result, in their own assessment of drug safety and efficacy, they over-promote positive outcomes and are not transparent about the negative effects caused by a drug or device. Rather than a closed-door process that benefits industry and drug makers alone, the FDA must include patient and advocate perspectives early and throughout drug development.

Take action before September 11th to submit public comment to the FDA telling them to include and uplift breast cancer patient perspectives!

We’ve made it easy for you to submit your public comments to the FDA. Customize your comment and tell the FDA why this matters to you!