Posted on February 3, 2022

By Zoë Christopher, Program Officer & Operations Manager

This is an opportunity to take bold action to protect public health and our planet.

To stop breast cancer before it starts, we must end our dependence on fossil fuels. The industry increases our exposure to chemicals that are linked to breast cancer risk.

Join us in action to call on our representatives to support the Future Generations Protection Act.

Our organization has been committed to ending the breast cancer crisis. In addition to supporting people diagnosed with the disease, this means working to stop cancer-causing toxins from entering our bodies and our environment in the first place.

We know that practices such as fracking (the process of pumping a mixture of water and chemicals, including known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors, deep below the earth’s surface using extreme pressure to break up rock formations and release oil or natural gas) threatens our health by contaminating our water supply and soil. This is especially impactful for communities on the frontlines who are often communities of color and/or low-income.

Despite the mountains of evidence on the ways fossil fuel practices create irreversible damage to our planet and to our health, Big Oil & Gas continues to relentlessly push for more fossil fuel expansion. More fossil fuel infrastructure means more air pollution, more cancer, and amplified injustices.

The Future Generations Protection Act will implement a ban on fracking across the country, a ban on new fossil fuel plants, and an end to oil and gas exports.

Take action now and tell your representatives to support this important bill.

The burden of developing safe alternatives belongs on the shoulders of the oil and gas industry, not on the backs of people who are living with and at risk of breast cancer.