Posted on May 5, 2022

Stories play a powerful role in our culture and in social change, because they connect our communities, inform and expand our perspectives, and illuminate areas in need of change. In this podcast episode, “Storytelling: A Powerful Agent of Change,” we speak with our very own Executive Director, Dr. Krystal Redman (KR), and Dena Taylor, author of the book “I Don’t Want To Be Pink” and longtime BCAction supporter. KR speaks to the power of storytelling: how storytelling documents our histories, translates our lived experiences into real data, how storytelling can propel the breast cancer movement, and how to ethically engage in sharing personal narratives for political change. Then Dena joins us to not only share her person breast cancer story, but to speak to the healing and political power of doing so. Tune in to this dynamic episode and learn how YOU can share your story – as a person living with or at risk of breast cancer, as a caregiver, or as someone impacted by the disease (which is all of us). Your support, collaboration, and sharing of your personal stories have made possible BCAction’s historic wins and outsized achievements. None of our work would be possible without the participation of activists who are unafraid to share how breast cancer has impacted our lives, and who continue to hold policymakers and corporations accountable through a collective action framework.  

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