By Lopa Pal, Development Manager

Every donation to Breast Cancer Action is an investment in health justice for all women at risk of and living with breast cancer, and an important form of grassroots activism.

We’re grateful to have so many people all across the country who raise money in their communities for our work each and every month. We call them our 3rd Party Fundraisers, and they’re amazing.

This group of activists spreads the word about our work, grows our community, amplifies our voices, and raises the funds we need. Whether they’re launching a fundraiser on Facebook, promoting a hike or a run using our Don’t Pink for Me page, or hosting a house party, this awesome group of people helps power our work.

We deeply appreciate the support and generosity of our 3rd Party Fundraisers. In honor of their commitment to our mission and our work we want to share why, in their own words, a few of them raise money for Breast Cancer Action.

Thanks to all of you!

I raise money for Breast Cancer Action because….

“It’s a way to honor my mother who was first diagnosed at the age of 38 as a mom of an 8 and 6 year old. Working with Breast Cancer Action and fundraising for them each year around the anniversary of losing my mom is my way of honoring her life as well as showing my gratitude for the work that Breast Cancer Action does to advocate for ALL women with breast cancer, including metastatic disease.”

Lori Baralt on her Annual Turkey Trot fundraiser for Breast Cancer Action
Don’t Pink for Me
Long Beach, CA

“It’s a way for me to recognize the patients who are often ignored by other organizations because these are people who, if they don’t die because of their cancer, will die with their cancer. It’s hard to reconcile the relentless pink positivity of many breast cancer orgs with women who are actively dying.”

Hannah Weaver
Facebook fundraiser
Seattle, WA

“It’s how I honor my patients, friends, family, and colleagues who have dealt with breast cancer in some way.  If you donate or take the time to read (my) page, I’m running for you too.”

Kelli Pallansch
Don’t Pink for Me
San Francisco, CA

 “We cannot allow health policy to be determined by (predominantly male-run) entities that benefit financially from harming or ignoring us.”

Kris Hoehler
Don’t Pink for Me
Seattle, WA

“After seeing the ad by jewelry store, Icing, featuring Lacey Claire Rogers, wearing star-shaped pasties over her nipples in a see-through top I was angry and really sad that we are STILL having this conversation about how breast cancer has been sexualized and sanitized and minimized, so I was excited to actually DO something.”

Yvonne Watterson
Don’t Pink for Me
Phoenix, AZ

“They are the only organization doing this critical work to educate, advocate, and address the epidemic from a patient-first perspective and with a social justice lens. For everyone like me, who is living with breast cancer, and for everyone who is at risk of the disease, Breast Cancer Action is our watchdog.”  

Abigail Arons
Houseparty Host
Cambridge, MA

“It is a rare progressive voice advocating for social justice in health and environmental policy.”

Shobita Parthasarathy
Houseparty Host
Ann Arbor, MI

“The truth-telling and policy work that BCAction does is an essential part of ending the distractions from and finding a cure for breast cancer.  I’ve held house parties (second one this coming summer) in order to expand the number of friends and family who know about our important work, who will tell their friends, and to expand our donor base.”

Ngina Lythcott, Dr.Ph.
Houseparty Host
Provinceton, MA

“I held a house party for Breast Cancer Action so that more people in our community can join up with us, more can raise money for us, and more can spread the word.  That is what being a grassroots organization is all about — and we have vital work to support.”

Karen Klein
Houseparty Host
San Francisco, CA