Posted on June 30, 2022

A message from KR and Zoë Christopher

Earlier this month we released our 2022 – 2027 Strategic Plan: A Radical Strategy for Addressing and Ending Breast Cancer Through a Health Justice Lens.”

This is an opportune time to address some of the feedback and questions we’ve been fielding from our community members, and we’ve done so in a statement we’re calling “Roots to Leaves.”

In this statement we address questions from those eager to be in-person with us again, as well as questions about where we’re headed following our transition to a virtual, national organization.

You’ll see the clear, outlined organizational priorities in our Strategic Plan, but we’ll dive deeper into some responses and reflections in our accompanying statement “Roots to Leaves.”

Breast Cancer Action is strong and resilient, and has been adaptive to the changing times for 30+ years. Our roots and our core values woven throughout our history inform our future visions and our values. And questions from our base about how the vision and values are manifested in our programmatic priorities are a reflection of the deep care and alignment people from across the nation feel with our core strategies to addressing and ending the breast cancer crisis.

We’re grateful for feedback, appreciative of the opportunity to respond, and to grow together. Thank you for your part in building up and carrying out the work to stop breast cancer before it starts, to stop pinkwashing, and to address and end this health crisis.