Posted on October 29, 2021

By Krystal Redman, Executive Director

Our 2021 Think Before You Pink® campaign, Stop Banking on Breast Cancer, has already had a huge impact, and in the final days of Pinktober we’re asking again – will you join our community of fearless breast cancer activists and tell Susan G. Komen® to stop pinkwashing now? 

The month of October may be coming to an end, but this work is heating up. Komen responded to our campaign by defending their 22-year-long partnership with Bank of America, a top financial contributor to the fossil fuel industry. In fact, they have put 4000x as much funding into this industry in just one year as they have donated to breast cancer during the entire partnership, and they continue to engage in PR strategies to distract from the catastrophe they are funding. But we aren’t buying it! 

Our response? Well, you may just have to read it to believe it. See our full statement and then take action now!

Stop Banking on Breast Cancer. Add Your Voice Now.

Stop Banking on Breast Cancer calls for Susan G. Komen® to dissolve the Pink Ribbon Banking Program with Bank of America. Though Komen continues to deny the impact of the Pink Ribbon Banking Program, our members know better.

Check out these personalized messages to Komen from Marie Garlock, a longtime supporter of BCAction and former Community Leader, and Tania Katan, longtime event emcee with BCAction and Creative Trespasser extraordinaire. These powerful writers show how banking on breast cancer is not an abstract concept – it’s a very real and very personal issue for people with breast cancer and those caring for them.

In the last few days of Breast Cancer Industry Month, it’s even more pressing to collectively express our outrage and concerns. Don’t let up—take action now!

This is a critical time to demand a fossil-free future, and through this campaign, we continue to deepen our commitment to addressing the root causes of this disease. It is urgent that we take on the fossil-fueled climate chaos driving the breast cancer crisis, and we can do so through our core work of calling for transparency and accountability from the corporations, mega-nonprofits, and government agencies that are responsible for it. We will not stand down until lives and communities are no longer threatened by this disease.

It’s not too late to email Susan G. Komen® and urge them to stop banking on breast cancer and divest from pinkwashing! Add your voice now.anking on breast cancer and divest from pinkwashing! Add your voice now.

Thank you for taking action and staying critical this Pinktober.