Posted on October 1, 2023

By KR, Executive Director

Think Before You Pink® is an award-winning corporate accountability campaign that Breast Cancer Action started in 2002 in response to pink ribbon culture and breast cancer “awareness” month.

When we launched our first industry-disrupting campaign, pink ribbons were everywhere.

Every year, in the name of “breast cancer awareness,” corporations slapped pink ribbons on their products starting mid-summer, touting them for months while lining their pockets.

In response, we coined the term pinkwashing and paved the way for people to identify and call out all sorts of consumption-driven corporate nonsense, like pinkwashing, greenwashing, and rainbow-washing.

We changed the landscape, and alongside breast cancer activists nationwide, we’ve altered the way pink ribbons have been used ever since, by demanding greater transparency and accountability.

Think Before You Pink® has been carried out by questioning awareness campaigns, scrutinizing corporate partnerships, calling for transparency in fund allocation, critical evaluation of research, informing our community, and advocating for systemic change.

This campaign has always been bigger than pink ribbons. Political education has remained, and continues to be, a core part of this campaign. Political education has formed the foundation of breast cancer activism, galvanizing our community and people impacted by this disease across the country to take collective action to address and end the breast cancer crisis.

Think Before You Pink® 2023: We Are Going Rogue!

How BCAction defines Going Rogue: To behave in a way that is unconventional, rebellious, or independent; runs contrary to established expectations and norms; especially by disregarding the usual way of doing something.

We’re ready to break new ground again, and we’re expanding Think Before You Pink® to strengthen our political education programming.

Think Before You Pink Goes Rogue is a political education campaign that connects the dots between environmental racism, fossil fuel divestment, and the politics of breast cancer.

Join us throughout October as we ramp up our community engagement and align our shared understandings of the politics of breast cancer, toward the goal of building the collective power necessary to achieve health justice.

Together, we’ll explore the intersections of:

  • Environmental Racism – launching the week of Monday, October 9
  • Fossil Fuel Divestment – launching the week of Monday, October 16
  • And the Politics of Breast Cancer – launching the week of Monday October 23

It is crucial for us to be aligned around the politics of breast cancer in order for us to build collective power and effectively advocate for systemic change. By connecting the dots across these core topics, we’ll suggest new and meaningful ways we can TAKE ACTION together to address and end breast cancer.

See the full campaign details on our website.

By shifting the norms of our annual campaign this year and growing our political education offerings, we’re doing what we’ve always done – staying at the forefront of the breast cancer movement and continuing to push the boundaries as to what falls within the realm of breast cancer activism.

Join us this October! Read the full campaign details, join us each week as new content launches, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram, so that you don’t miss the latest updates. Together, we’ll go beyond “awareness” this October, and we’ll do more, by taking collective action to address and end the breast cancer crisis.

Thank you for supporting Think Before You Pink® and for sharing in the vision of a world where people and communities are healthy, liberated, and free from breast cancer.