Posted on October 30, 2012

After three decades of “awareness” campaigns and billions of dollars raised, breast cancer remains a public health crisis of epidemic proportions.

Here at Breast Cancer Action, we believe that the government has a unique and essential responsibility to address and end the breast cancer epidemic. It is time to demand that our elected officials take bold, meaningful action in finding the root causes of breast cancer, and for better breast cancer treatments through independent research and strong regulation.

Why is this issue important right now? During this election year with healthcare a focus of national attention, it is a critical time to demand that our elected officials make women’s health a priority.

This webinar explored:

  • Why we can’t shop our way out of the breast cancer epidemic
  • How inequities in breast cancer play an important role in the epidemic
  • Why it is important to move from awareness to action
  • What the government’s role should be to address and end the epidemic
  • Our Critical Questions for Conscious Voters
  • Ways that you can get involved and take action

We talked about the importance of the government’s role in protecting public health and addressing the breast cancer epidemic. The root causes of breast cancer lie at the heart of many human and civil rights issues such as basic quality healthcare and also inequality, immigration, racial discrimination, environmental degradation, corporate influence in politics, affordable housing, and so much more.