Posted on December 23, 2023

By Heather Perkins, Deputy Director

Since our inception, Breast Cancer Action has stood out amongst breast cancer organizations. Our legacy of outsized wins is unmatched; our voice is uncompromised; our values remain unwavering – despite how rare it is for grassroots organizations to thrive through decades of change. And our history of over 30 years of no-holds-barred, people-centered work will always inform how our work takes shape going forward.

With our community at the heart of our work, together we will maintain our fierce watchdog stance, holding ourselves, institutions, mega-nonprofits, medical and legislative leaders, and systems accountable. We will grow our internal and external political education, providing information on breast cancer without industry influence. We will deepen our equity and justice lenses, connecting gender justice, environmental justice, and health justice. And we will always take action to end this disease by demanding people-centered policies, practices, and research.

Our reliance on you as a co-conspirator, co-agitator, and sustainer remains unchanged. We’ve always been grassroots, which means we need your support and investment to continue the work to address and end breast cancer.

Please consider a financial gift in Breast Cancer Action’s work today, in honor of our legacy and in support of our future. Our gratitude for you, our community of breast cancer activists, is an enduring component of this work. We couldn’t do it without you.