Posted on March 26, 2024

We are honored to acknowledge the following gifts made in recognition of the following members of the Breast Cancer Action community. Our grief over those who have died, our celebration of triumphs, and our rage about the persistence of this disease fuels the fire of our activism.

This list includes donations received between September 2, 2023, and March 1, 2024. This list will be updated as necessary; please check back if you do not see your honor or memory donation. Thank you for your support and for collectively taking action with us to advance our mission to create a world free of breast cancer.

Donations Made In Memory

Joyce Ambrosini

From Margaret G. Langston

Pat Aneis

From Lauri Fried-Lee

Jean Margaret Grogg Eubanks Blake

From Donna Douglass

Barbara Brenner

From Alina Avila

From Beth Chapman

From Elaine Elinson and Rene Ciriacruz

From Irma Herrera and Mark D. Levine

From Susan Liroff

From Jane and Stacey Zones

Barbara Chapin Babbott

From Margaret Babbott

Susan Cohen

From Eric Lipsitt

Kim Cox

From Denice Dennis

From La Verne Baker Leyva

From Benjamin Thomas Viggiano

Donna Drabble

From Laurie Drabble and Chase Pearce

Emily Ann Dunn

From Michael MacVeigh

Hillary Flynn

From Katie Woodruff and Tim Miller

Margaret Fuller

From Laurie Fuller

Dorothy Geoghegan

From Cristine Gondak

Gladys Graham

From Susan Ferguson

Laurel Hedley

From Mary Hedley and Stephen Morrell

Jean Hoff

From Dolores Jacobson

Jeanette Kerr

From Nene and James Koch

Kathleen Kopitke

From Rebecca Morton

Lydia Lu

From Sheila Gholson

Lucile McClelland Whitworth

From Lucy Whitworth

Julie Morgan

From Christopher Gantz

From Heather Lind

From Nancy Parenteau

Loryn Morton

From Robert Morton

Deb Mosley

From Ms. Tina Connelly


From Mary South

Joan Peras

From Pat Pierce

Elenore Pred

From Julia Tower

Helen Prickett

From Deinya Mautz

Belle Shayer

From Joyce Bichler and Dr. Michael Kimbarow

From JoAnn Brown

From Lenny Friedman

From Suzanne Lampert

From Rochelle Levitt

From Rebecca Marshall

From George Mastalir

From Steve O’Sullivan

From Joyce Robbins

From David Shayer

From William Wacknov

Linda Taggart

From Lisa Pred-Sosa and Juan Sosa

Noah Wolfson

From Alice Wolfson

Donations Made In Honor

Diana Ambrose

From Elle Hoffnagel

Abigail Arons

From Dara Arons

Barbara Brenner

From Shelley Alpern and Marjorie Kelly

Janine Braak Peregrine and Cindy Ward

From Douglas Braak

Mary Cunningham

From Rebecca Krebs

Karen Golvin-Klein

From Karen Levesque and Matthew Schwartz

Penelope Rylka Gordon

From Robert T. Gordon

Stephen V. Kobasa

From Paul Kobasa

Sarah Lamb

From Anne Shannon

JoAnn Loulan

From Mary Ellen Sullivan and Norman Schwartz

Rabbi Malka Drucker

From Dr. Sheila Namir

Mrs. Sallie Matthews

From Ronald Liesmann

Hilde Meislin

From Barbara Meislin and Stuart Kaplan

Bunny Schwartz

From Meryl Schwartz

Ellen Schwerin

From Lee Sider

Elana Silver

From Annette Silver

Miriam Shapiro

From Nelson and Dianne Shapiro

Lisa Staprans

From Rosalie Cornew

Robin Stockton

From Mark Hirshfeld

Stacey Strongarone

From Adair Iacono

From Mary Kate O’Brien

Tamatha Thomas-Hasse

From Audra Smith

Beth Tristao

From Anne Harvey and Jan Pickard

Rochelle Wunsch

From Barbara Wunsch