Posted on May 24, 2023

By Heather Stone, Development Manager

Social Justice + Health Justice + Art = our fav artwork from Drawing the Connections!

I am so excited to share our curated collection of artwork with you at Breast Cancer Action’s virtual community gathering and art auction, Drawing the Connections on Tuesday, June 13th 2023!

As an artist and activist, I want to share a few of my favorites with you!

Susan Liroff – “Sweet Dreams” (24”x32” digital work on paper, unframed)

Breast cancer survivor, retired graphic artist, and Jewish lesbian activist, Bay Area artist Susan Liroff’s powerful work calls out the hard truths behind breast cancer and brings them to light.

Susan is a digital artist, a breast cancer survivor, and a BCAction member. Her work combines painting with photo imagery, and much of her work is political or nautical. She’s inspired by Oakland and has published books of her work.

Please be sure to click the link and register to attend this year’s virtual event! It’s a wonderful way to support both our community of artists and BCAction’s work toward achieving health justice for all.

Steven Regalado – “Woman Warrior Deck – Cancer Hella Sucks” (32×8 hand screen printed skateboard deck)

“For those fighting, those who have loved ones fighting, and for all of us who lost loved ones to cancer.” This hand screen printed skateboard deck is a powerful reminder that cancer impacts all communities, especially BIPOC communities. This skateboard deck is from his Indigenous Warrior series.

Before Steven was born, he lost both of his grandmothers to breast cancer. His mom passed of lung cancer shortly after his first birthday. His sister passed in ’08 with cervical cancer. It’s been a part of his life since before he was born and he was “an angry kid,” always blaming cancer for his hardships. When he first started his company, he didn’t have plans to go too far with it. He just wanted to reach people like himself. When his wife was diagnosed with leukemia, his plans changed. Steven is a prolific social justice artist across multiple mediums including street art, screen printing, digital graphics and wearable art as well as others.

Register for Drawing the Connections to see art like Regalado’s, and more!

Tracy Knehr – “self (2020)” 10×10 (Metal print of a digital art piece, unframed)

“I’m a transgender lesbian with autism, ADHD, Tourette’s, synesthesia, and hearing loss, among other things that all work together to vibrantly color my life. I was born November 2002 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and I am currently a sculpture major at Arizona State University. I work with wood, pyrography, photography and graphic design, painting, and sculptures of different mediums. I make art to try and show people not only the world I see, but the world I feel, in hopes that they may feel something too.” – Knehr

Here’s that link one more time: reserve your (virtual) seat for our community gathering today!