There are differences in how specific communities experience and are impacted by breast cancer incidence, mortality, and survival. These disparities stem from a complex interplay of economics, power, racism, and discrimination that lead to a variety of social injustices, including major inequalities in healthcare. 

The purpose of this fact sheet is to articulate the complexity that links differences in breast cancer incidence, prevalence, and mortality with the social injustices people experience in their lives and help to better identify interventions that move beyond increased mammography and access to care. 

Breast Cancer Action (BCAction) recognizes that a number of diverse communities including those with varying age, gender identity, disabilities, and education status are disproportionately and uniquely impacted by breast cancer. Due to current and rapidly changing data on inequalities in breast cancer, this factsheet is focused primarily on race and class. 

Download and print a PDF of the fact sheet.