Posted on December 16, 2023

By Heather Perkins, Deputy Director

All people deserve access to evidence-based, patient-centered information so they can fully engage in their healthcare decisions.

At Breast Cancer Action, we have relentlessly advocated for the health of our communities for more than 33 years.

And you – a dedicated community member, have ensured the vision, mission, and focus on the unique programmatic priorities of Breast Cancer Action will continue.


Breast Cancer Action provides data and resources so everyone can better understand their options when faced with a breast cancer diagnosis. Information such as treatment options for DCIS, what studies say about aromatase inhibitors, or current data on environmental links to breast cancer. Breast cancer research, treatment, and screening must be patient-centered and responsive to the needs of people at risk of and living with breast cancer, and should not reflect corporate or industry bias that prioritizes profits over people.

At Breast Cancer Action we remain an unbiased and independent watchdog for your health. We see past the hype and evaluate and report on developments in breast cancer by examining data from the patient perspective.


We translate the latest science, research, and developments into opportunities to take action toward structural change.

By joining us in contacting your representatives, sending emails, and signing petitions, we go beyond awareness. Together, we take action so that no communities bear a disproportionate burden of disease and that all communities can thrive, free from breast cancer.


We are uniquely unabashed in how we carry this work out. Unafraid to ruffle feathers and to speak truth to power, Breast Cancer Action’s voice – and our community of breast cancer activists – are unmatched in the breast cancer landscape.

This radical work needs your involvement and your solidarity more than ever.


You remain a valued partner in our work of Breast Cancer Action. Whether by sharing BCAction’s resources and educating your community, by raising your voice in advocacy or in action, or by showing solidarity with a financial gift, our community has always been the guiding light that illuminates who we are and the work we do.

Please consider making a tax-deductible financial gift today. Together, we will address and end the breast cancer crisis.