By Kate Frisher, Campaigns Coordinator

 We just learned that the House of Representatives is planning to vote as early as Tuesday on the Senate’s Right to Try bill (S.204)—a bill that’s significantly worse than the House version you helped us stall last month.

Call or email your Representative right now! Tell them to protect patients and vote “NO” on this dangerous Right to Try bill.

If the House votes yes on this worse version of Right to Try, it will go straight to the president to be signed into law. That’s because the Senate already approved S.204 last summer. The choice to push a vote on the Senate’s version of a federal Right to Try bill shows a clear disregard for the feedback and concerns raised by patient advocates. And the bill removes any important patient protections and FDA oversight.

Use our one-click system to tell your Representative to vote “NO” on Right to Try.

Removing FDA oversight won’t unleash an onslaught of successful treatments, but it will harm drug development and safety for all. We need your help to block this dangerous billTell your Representative right now to vote “NO” on Right to Try when the bill comes up for a vote.