2012 Think Before You Pink ® campaign

Women are still facing a breast cancer epidemic in 2012 after more than 30 years of “awareness” campaigns and billions spent on pink ribbon products.

During this year’s election season, when healthcare is a central focus of national attention, we’re demanding meaningful action from legislators on breast cancer through our 2012 Mandate for Government Action.

We will not let our government outsource its job to protect public health to Komen and Avon, or other charities or organizations that are beholden to corporate interests. Nor will we allow our public officials to engage in ‘political pinkwashing’: claiming to care about breast cancer but not initiating or supporting policy changes that significantly help women living with or at risk of breast cancer. As part of this campaign we’re distributing our Critical Questions for Conscious Voters guide in order to Think Before You Pink® this election.

It is clear that we must do much more than shop for the cure; tell your legislators and candidates It’s an Epidemic, Stupid! and demand they step up to end the breast cancer epidemic by publicly supporting the 2012 Breast Cancer Action Mandate for Government Action.