Posted on December 31, 2021

By Krystal Redman, Executive Director

Today wraps up my first year as Executive Director of BCAction and I am hoping you will support this powerhouse of a team with a year-end donation.

To say that I am proud of what we have accomplished this past year would be an understatement. In a mere 12 months, the Breast Cancer Action team and our members took on major organizations (Komen and Bank of America), helped make huge progress in anti-fossil fuel work in California (3,200 ft setbacks for all new oil and gas wells), and advocated for health justice in new and deeply significant ways.

The work we did this year sets the stage for us to push even harder to take on the breast cancer crisis and breast cancer disparities in 2022.

Please join us with your year-end gift.

With your support, in 2022, we will:

  • Use our unique ability to bring together evidence-based scientific expertise and the lived experience of people with breast cancer to ensure that community voices are incorporated into breast cancer research by engaging impacted communities, stakeholders, and mobilizing our broad network of community organizations.
  • Offer compassionate, evidence-based information about breast cancer through our free Information and Resource Service—to anyone who needs it.
  • Provide one-of-a-kind content and analysis on the latest news about breast cancer issues through our podcasts, webinars, media analysis, thought-leadership, and partnerships.
  • Build on this year’s Think Before You Pink® campaign and the new and strengthened partnerships we’ve developed with environmental organizations to reshape policies and practices so that they protect people from toxic environmental exposures, which disproportionately affect people of color and people with the furthest relationships to power and resources.

We can do this work because we aren’t in the pocket of the breast cancer industry. We don’t take money from corporations that profit from or contribute to breast cancer. The vast majority of our funding comes from individual members and supporters like YOU.

Your year-end gift will make a meaningful difference in the lives of those living with and at risk of breast cancer.