health insurance denial smallJust hours ago, the House of Representatives voted to strip healthcare from millions of people. It’s outrageous and cruel.

Help us stop this terrible bill from becoming law; donate $24 right now in honor of the 24 million people who stand to lose their healthcare.

At Breast Cancer Action, we have been fighting tooth and nail to prevent the GOP from gutting healthcare access. We’re not exaggerating when we say that, if this healthcare bill becomes law, people we love will die because they cannot get the healthcare they need. Access to affordable healthcare is life or death for women at risk of and living with breast cancer.

The good news is that this law is far from a done deal. We will continue to fight with every fiber in our being to protect our healthcare and we need your support to do it.

Join us in the next stage of this fight. Donate $24 right now. And if you’re really mad, make it $24 a month.

We don’t take money from drug companies, insurance companies, or hospitals. We don’t have any skin in the game except for making sure everyone has affordable healthcare.

With determination and love,

The BCAction team