By Kira Jones, Communications Manager

Our all-volunteer Board of Directors is a remarkable group of people who set the vision for Breast Cancer Action and lead the organization by determining organizational policy, assuring the organization’s financial security, and representing Breast Cancer Action’s views to the world at large. In April 2018, we welcomed Lee Ann Slinkard to our Board of Directors. Lee Ann is returning to the Board after first serving from 2008-2014 and we are excited to (re)introduce you to her. For information about our Board of Directors, click here

Lee Ann Slinkard has an long record of success building teams and methodologies in software organizations serving government and healthcare organizations. These solutions empowered patients and citizens all over the world. Most recently, she served as Vice President for a company that partnered with global health delivery providers to implement a wearable vital sign monitoring device to collect data enabling the prediction and prevention of life threatening conditions. This technology will be a game changer as our populations grow larger and get older. Lee Ann is an Oakland resident and takes advantage of any opportunity to hike or golf.

What first brought you to Breast Cancer Action?

I was introduced to Breast Cancer Action through a former Board Member. My graduate studies focused on the effects of behavior and environment on health and I thought Breast Cancer Action was asking all the right questions. In addition, they were advocating for better information and more effective treatments without bias for class, culture or race. I became a donor and then a Board Member, with special interest in helping to leverage social media to communicate with their fast-expanding community.

What do you love about Breast Cancer Action?

I love how seriously and effectively this organization takes their mission. This is a small team who make their presence felt around the World. They ask the hard questions and do the hard work of sorting out the data to take positions that patients and providers can respect.

What are you most looking forward to as a returning board member?

I originally served on the Breast Cancer Action Board for six years. After a three year break, I am returning to the Board and look forward to working with this incredible team (Board and staff) to ultimately prevent breast cancer by insisting we understand the underlying causes and support policy to protect us. At the same time, we must advocate for accessible and truly effective treatments for everyone currently battling this disease.