By Connie Matthiessen, Communications Manager

Our all-volunteer Board of Directors is a remarkable group of people who set the vision for Breast Cancer Action and lead the organization by determining organizational policy, assuring our financial security, and representing Breast Cancer Action’s views to the world at large. In January, 2020, we welcomed Alicia D. Justice to our Board of Directors, and we’re excited to introduce you to her. For information about our Board of Directors, click here

Alicia D. Justice, MPH, is the Director of Chronic Disease Prevention at the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO). In that role, she has led a team of analysts for the past four and a half years, overseeing the development and execution of a robust portfolio made up of federal and private foundation funded grant work. Her program outcomes are focused on health policy systems and environmental change best practices related to tobacco, diabetes, obesity, nutrition, physical activity, breast cancer, heart disease, and stroke, with an emphasis on reducing health disparities in public health delivery. Alicia graduated with an MPH degree focusing on Health Administration and Policy from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in 2007. She later received a post-graduate certificate in Nonprofit Management from Marymount University in 2013, and is currently pursuing her doctorate in public health.

What first brought you to Breast Cancer Action?
I truly believe my journey to Breast Cancer Action was divine intervention because three individuals that I know from different walks of life all at different times introduced me to the principles of the organization and encouraged me to consider joining the Breast Cancer Action Board of Directors. For the last five years, each of them were aware that I had been managing a Breast Cancer Disparities Learning Collaborative with six states as part of my chronic disease management portfolio in my full-time position. I was most drawn to Breast Cancer Action’s mission and work because it squarely embodies a strategy I most appreciate: strategic disruption of the status quo so that truth and not industry motives hold power.

What do you love about Breast Cancer Action?
I love how the organization was born and how true the mission of the organization today still holds to its foundation. The power of a few birthed an almost 30-year-old organization by remaining dedicated, focused, and intentional in addressing the systemic issues that are feeding this public health crisis.

What are you most looking forward to as a new Board member?
I am most looking forward to identifying new members, partners, and donors to expand our social justice movement towards equitable practices in breast cancer prevention and treatment. In the world of public health, it can sometimes appear that we are just a small peanut gallery of noisemakers given all of the barriers that are interrupting promised, sustainable progress. But organizations like Breast Cancer Action remind us of the power that exists in purposeful connection, unwavering persistence, and diligent focus. There’s been an undeniable awakening among the younger generations and I’m looking forward to learning how we can align our mission and programmatic work in a way that attracts a multi-ethnic and generational coalition of justice-seekers for all the women who are at risk of and living with breast cancer.