By Kaurna Jaggar, Executive Director

Returning to work after a two week vacation, I didn’t expect my first act to be to publicly condemn white supremacy. But, on the heels of a weekend that saw the ugly and violent celebration of white supremacy, I’m called to do so. And I’m joined by the entire staff and Board at Breast Cancer Action in making our position very clear.

We condemn not only the recent public display of extremism, but also the hatred, bigotry, and racism that are at the root of injustice and oppression and upon which the institutions of this country are built and flourish.

As a social justice organization, we recognize that injustices in our society reinforce each other in many ways and at many levels. And, because we’ve never been in the business of sugar coating the truth, we’re not going to start now. We will not tolerate racism, including white nationalism and white supremacy, and we’re committed to challenging insidious forms of oppression and injustice that are a deeply entrenched feature of American society and history.

We stand in strong opposition to what we saw unfold over the weekend. As human beings, who are driven by our deepest values of justice and compassion, we’re committed to working together to uproot racism, hatred, and bigotry, which are at the root of so much pain and injustice in our society.