By Karuna Jaggar, Executive Director

We’ve probably all done it. Even if we know we shouldn’t. We’ve turned to the internet when we’ve got questions about our health. But when it comes to reliable breast cancer information, we all deserve better than “Dr. Google.” That’s where Breast Cancer Action comes in. We need to raise $25,000 by April 30 so that we can continue to provide evidence-based, unbiased, and understandable treatment information about breast cancer. Please make a donation NOW! 
The truth is, the influence of industry has never been greater. Even the most well-intentioned healthcare providers work within a system where Pharma and biotech’s influence is overwhelming. Many patient advocacy groups have long been in the pocket of industry, but now corporations are even paying breast cancer patients with a large following on social media (so called “influencers”) to promote their business interests. All this makes it harder to know who you can trust. 
Donate now! Help us push back on corporate influence.
Our commitment to providing balanced information, so everyone can make fully informed decisions about breast cancer, is at the core of our work. We don’t tell people what to do, but we help people across the country navigate the many decisions that come with a breast cancer diagnosis—whether we’re fielding questions about the tradeoffs of hormone therapies, surgery choices, the role of watchful waiting for DCIS, or managing side effects. 
We provide free evidence-based and balanced breast cancer information through our:
   • Toll free 1-800 line, where you can speak to a real person
   • Toolkits, info sheets, and brochures
   • Webinars on the latest news and 
   • Real time conference reporting and media responses
Your gift today will ensure that Breast Cancer Action has the resources to provide these vital services.
Breast Cancer Action will never take funds from Pharma or biotech, so you can trust we’re ready to go toe-to-toe with industry. And we’ll always put patients first. We’ll always tell the truth about the breast cancer epidemic, just like we do in our new info sheet, What You Need to Know About Metastatic Breast Cancer. 
Your support makes our work possible. Thank you.
P.S. Read our new metastatic breast cancer info sheet here.