We’ve been lucky enough to have three Breast Cancer Action members share their stories of why our We Can’t Be Pink’d actions are important to them.

Kim Motta and Deb Smalley shared their stories of breast implant illness following reconstruction with breast implants, after their breast cancer diagnoses. Marie Garlock shares the story of how her mother’s breast cancer worsened during a healthcare coverage gap.

Whether speaking to changes needed at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or from the Department of Justice (DOJ), each of these stories shows how federal policy affects the day-to-day lives of people living with and at risk of breast cancer, and how you can take part in We Can’t Be Pink’d to make a difference for people with breast cancer today.




In this year’s Think Before You Pink® campaign, we are saying “We Can’t Be Pink’d: Say NO to Pink Policies.” Since 2002, Breast Cancer Action has led Think Before You Pink campaigns each October in response to “Breast Cancer Awareness Month.”

We’re taking on the lack of leadership, from the President down to agency leaders, in addressing the breast cancer epidemic. Each week in October we’ll take on the leadership of one of these four agencies that needs to do better: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Cancer Institute (NCI), and the Department of Justice (DOJ).