Looking to get involved and support the work of Breast Cancer Action?

Breast Cancer Action is seeking the support of event sponsors and to connect with those who would like to help shape our annual events as Event Collaborators.

Every year, Breast Cancer Action holds two virtual events that provide opportunities for our community to plug into BCAction’s work in fun and galvanizing ways. These events  demonstrate the impact of our work on the lived experiences of people living with and at risk of breast cancer.

Held in June, Drawing the Connections is an art auction and virtual event that uplifts the connections between breast cancer, health equity, and other social justice issues. In our inaugural event in 2021 we featured over 30 artists, including Nelson Barrera from the Dominican Republic, ceramist Barbara Coffman, and Puerto Rican activist/artist Ricardo Levins Morales, to name a few. The powerful opening night gala highlighted the art and activism of two Oakland-based creators: multi-media artist Christy Chan and Favianna Rodriguez, an interdisciplinary artist, cultural strategist, and social justice activist. Joining us from New Haven, CT was BCAction member Gayle Hyre.

Each October BCAction’s unapologetic activist community from across the nation gets together at Radical Disruption & Compassionate Resistance for inspiring speakers, videos, entertainment, and a special update about our industry-disrupting Think Before You Pink® campaign. After a conversation with leaders who are on the frontlines of Think Before You Pink®, we take a moment for collective action on the campaign. The evening is also peppered with music, entertainment, and video testimonials from BCAction members. See more about the 2021 event here.

How to get started

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