Meaghan Calcari Campbell smallBy Meaghan Calcari Campbell

Until I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 32 (without any family history), I had no idea about the economic and racial disparities in overall survival of the disease. I learned that breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment aren’t just about health. It’s about social justice. The two are intertwined.

One of the many reasons I love Breast Cancer Action is they get that we can’t end the breast cancer epidemic without addressing social injustices.

Acting Out 2017 performer collage smallTo do that, we need system change. Who else is going to get companies to rid their businesses of cancer-causing toxins? Who else will safeguard and improve the environmental laws that protect our health? And who else is working to ensure that no one, no matter skin color or wallet size, ever has to hear the words “you have breast cancer”? Breast Cancer Action is doing all of this.

I’m so grateful for Breast Cancer Action’s work and that’s why I love supporting them by going to their great variety show, Acting Out for the Health of It. I hope you can join me this Thursday, February 9th for a great line-up of performers, inspiring community, and an important cause.