Posted on May 28, 2021

By Tibby Reas Hinderlie, Communications Manager

Breast Cancer Action’s event Drawing the Connections gala and art auction is coming up, and I wanted to share a few of my favorite pieces with you.

Check out my selections below and get your tickets today to join me and the rest of the Breast Cancer Action community in uplifting art that drives forward culture change. In doing so, you’ll be helping to sustain our vital work to address and end the breast cancer epidemic.

Three pieces of art for Breast Cancer Action's Drawing the Connections.

Drawing the Connections
Opening Night Virtual Gala:
Thursday, June 17, 2021 at 5:30 pm PT / 7:30 pm CT / 8:30 pm ET

Ricardo Levins MoralesRicardo Levins Morales“Mentorship”

Ricardo Levins Morales is an artist and organizer based in Minneapolis. He uses his art as a form of political medicine to support individual and collective healing from the injuries and ongoing reality of oppression.

He was born into the anti-colonial movement in his native Puerto Rico and was drawn into activism in Chicago when his family moved there in 1967. Ricardo left high school early and worked in various industries, and over time began to use his art as part of his movement work.

Mentorship by Ricardo Levins Morales

This activism has included support work for the Black Panthers and Young Lords and participating in or acting in solidarity with farmers, environmental, labor, racial justice, antiwar and other struggles for people’s empowerment. He was a founding member of the Northland Poster Collective (1979-2009).

He also leads workshops on creative organizing, social justice strategy and sustainable activism, and mentors and supports organizers. The worker members of RLM Art Studio are represented by the Newspaper and Communications guild/CWA.

Ricardo’s work is widely used by grassroots movements, organizations and communities.

Cristy C Road

Cristy C. Road – “Justice”

Cristy is a Cuban-American artist and musician who uses illustration, writing, and punk rock music as her preferred mediums. Blending her political principles, gender and cultural identities— Road testifies to the beauty of the imperfect.

Justice by Cristy C Road

Her endeavors in creating culture began in 1996, when writing the Green’Zine; a self-published ‘zine which began as a fan’zine entirely devoted to the rock group Green Day. Green’Zine evolved into a punk rock fanzine with interviews and record reviews; and by 2004, a personal manifesto about love, trauma, and survival. Since its creation, Road has contributed countless illustrations to punk rock music, publications, and political organizations.


Anna and Jordan Rathkopf – “Elbow Bump”

Anna RathkopfAnna and Jordan Rathkopf are a photo/video team creating and producing visual narratives about intimate personal journeys. They focus on issues of identity, health, resilience, and what it means to be part of a community.

Anna was raised in Prague, in the shadows of historic architecture and world-class museums. She learned about composition, the use of light, and how to capture rare moments from her uncle, a renowned Eastern European photographer.

Jordan, a former media relations specialist, grew up in Brooklyn, where he learned to connect with people from all walks of life and developed an eye for symmetry and hidden charm. He finds that as different as people are, they’re still mostly the same: They want to be understood, they like a good story, and most can be disarmed with an unexpected compliment.

Elbow Bump by Anna and Jordan Rathkopf

“Elbow Bump” is currently exhibited in International Center For Photography and has been licensed by Ad Council, United Jewish Federation, and Simon Wiesenthal Museum. In Anna and Jordan’s words, “When a photograph you take resonate with others, it is one of the best feelings. When a photograph you take resonates with hundreds of thousands by going viral, it is a really good feeling 🙂  When we took this image of two young friends elbow-bumping in solidarity at the George Floyd Memorial at Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn, we never imagined how far the image would travel.”

Join us at Drawing the Connections to support these amazing artists and the work of BCAction.