By The Breast Cancer Action Team

Right now, our work is more critical than ever. Over the last three weeks, you have joined us in calling out the administration’s failures to address the breast cancer epidemic. Read on for several ways to engage with our campaign calling for change at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
This week, we are calling out the NCI for their lack of information on the environmental risk factors for breast cancer. And we’re excited to bring you a brand new episode of the Breast Cancer Action podcast, What the National Cancer Institute Leaves Out About Environmental Exposures.”
In this episode, we speak with Julia Brody from Silent Spring Institute, discussing the role of the NCI as the nation’s leading cancer agency. We address the growing body of evidence connecting the dots between involuntary exposure to environmental toxins and breast cancer, and the impacts of NCI’s website that omits this critical information. 

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Get caught up with the We Can’t Be Pink’d campaign by taking each of these actions and spreading the word about them:

Cartoon Andrew Wheeler smashing the EPA building.We kicked off the month by calling out the EPA for its aggressive deregulation efforts and rollbacks of environmental protections that protect public health. These rollbacks are pink policies because while the EPA claims to protect public health, in reality, their actions may increase women’s exposures to known and suspected carcinogens. It’s not too late to send an email or a tweet to EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler, demanding no more rollbacks! Act now!  

A political cartoon of an FDA official stamping approvals.

Last week, we called out the FDA for their failures to protect breast cancer patients and consumers. Breast cancer activists are intimately familiar with these failures. The FDA has enabled Big Pharma to rake in profits by exposing patients to expensive, toxic treatments that don’t improve survival. We’ve also seen the lack of transparency that leaves patients and consumers uninformed and misinformed, including the recently released breast implant labeling guidance, which is weak and instead of being mandatory, is simply recommended. Join us and sign our petition to tell the FDA to do more when it comes to protecting our health.

A political cartoon of the NCI not telling a woman with breast cancer about environmental exposures

Our latest action launched this Monday. This week, we’re calling out the NCI for downplaying environmental risk factors for breast cancer. The NCI’s failure to be upfront about the environmental exposures is misleading, and it sets the criteria for other cancer organizations, clinicians, and policymakers. Don’t miss your chance to take action and tell the NCI to be clear on the environmental risk factors.


Next week, we will be calling out the Department of Justice for their efforts to invalidate the Affordable Care Act. Tune in to stay updated on what you can do to make your voice heard!
Thank you for your support throughout this critical month of action. Together we can make a difference! Tell the leaders of the administration and these national agencies that We Can’t Be Pink’d: Say No to Pink Policies!