The Source • Summer 2018 – Issue 134

Check out the latest issue of Breast Cancer Action’s newsletter, The Source. In this issue you’ll find information about why the TAILORx study is a practice-changing study that will make a difference for tens of thousands of breast cancer patients each year, our important action alert to protect our air and water from toxic chemicals, our webinar about genetic testing in the five years since the Supreme Court overturned Myriad Genetic’s patent on BRCA genes, and more. Want The Source delivered directly to your inbox? Sign up here. To print a PDF of this issue, click here.

From the Executive Director: A Deep Sense of Urgency

Breast Cancer Action has never been afraid to get into good and necessary trouble. We speak up, we speak out, even when it’s unpopular. We are an ambitious organization that feels a deep sense of urgency—because we know first-hand what is at stake. Read More

When a Huge Step Forward is Rolling Back a Common Treatment: The TAILORx Study Means Fewer Women Need Chemotherapy

When we speak about advances in medicine, most people think of new treatments that work better than existing treatments, or maybe work as well as existing treatments but come with fewer side effects. Rarely is a reduction in the numbers of people who receive treatment seen as an advance. Read More

Hey, Hey! Ho, Ho! Toxic Chemicals Have Got to Go!

In our interconnected world, everyone is at risk of exposure to the toxic chemicals used by oil and gas industries when they contaminate the air we breathe and the water we drink. And we know that our involuntary exposure to these toxic chemicals can increase the risk of breast cancer. Join us in calling on California’s Governor Jerry Brown to put the health and well-being of people over the profits of big oil and gas companies. Read More