The Source • Spring 2010 • Issue 109

Health Care Reform: Immediate Good News for Some Cancer Patients

by Barbara A. Brenner All the news media in the last few weeks have focused on the fact that the United States has finally started down the road to a health care system where everyone has access to the care they need. At BCA, we’re… Read More

A Letter from the Executive Director: Where the Money Comes From—It Matters

By Barbara A. Brenner The U.S. Supreme Court recently issued a decision giving corporations free reign to try to buy American elections. People can disagree—and will—about the role of money in politics. But in the politics of health, I believe that the adverse influence of… Read More

Screening and Mammography: The Real Story

Part 1: A Patient’s Perspective By Cathy Bueti, Author of Breastless in the City I was 31 years old when I was diagnosed. I found the lump myself. The dense breast tissue—common in someone of my young age—prevented the mammogram from clearly revealing a tumor.  An… Read More