The Source • July 2008 • Issue 102

BCA’s Plans for the Future

by Barbara Brenner, Executive Director More than a year ago, BCA began an intensive planning process to develop a five-year strategic plan that would best serve the needs of women with breast cancer, the needs of our members, and the needs of the breast cancer… Read More

Strategic Priority: Advocate for more effective and less toxic breast cancer treatments by shifting the balance of power in the Food and Drug Administration’s drug approval process away from the pharmaceutical industry and toward the public interest.

by Lisa Wanzor, Associate Director Since Breast Cancer Action’s first days, the organization has been on the forefront of applying a critical analysis to current and emerging treatments and medical devices used in breast cancer. BCA’s founders honed their skills on the science of breast… Read More

Strategic Priority: Decreasing involuntary environmental exposures that put people at risk for breast cancer.

by Pauli Ojea, Community Organizer BCA has been committed to reducing environmental exposures to toxins linked with breast cancer since the organization’s inception 18 years ago. At that time, very little attention was given to the connection between the environment and breast cancer. Through the… Read More