By Kate Frisher, Campaigns Coordinator

The Senate is back from recess and they’re getting down to business. We need to make sure their business is protecting our health.

We know a vote is coming on “Right to Try.” It’s the only bill President Trump mentioned by name in his first State of the Union. And even though other issues may be in the headlines right now, things move quickly and we know how important it is that this bill doesn’t become law.

Use our one-click system to tell your Senators to vote NO on Right to Try.

The libertarian think tank behind Right to Try claims that the federal legislation would give dying patients more access to experimental treatments. But we see through their clever marketing campaign. Right to Try is nothing more than false hope. It’s a thinly veiled attempt to weaken and deregulate key agencies that protect our health, including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The truth is, the FDA already approves drugs faster than any other country in the world. Patients seeking access to experimental drugs and treatments are already able to do so through the FDA’s compassionate use program, which approves over 99 percent of requests with an average wait time of four days. The FDA is not the barrier to access that proponents of Right to Try paint it to be. Maintaining a strong FDA is critical to protecting the safety and efficacy of drugs for us all.

Email your Senators today to voice your opposition to Right to Try.

Last month, the House wasn’t able to pass their version of Right to Try using a procedural shortcut that required two thirds majority because you flooded your Representatives inboxes with stories about why they should vote against the bill. Now we need your help to block the bill in the Senate. Tell your Senators right now to vote NO on Right to Try when the bill comes up for a vote.