Posted on November 30, 2022

By The Breast Cancer Action Team

Thank you, BCAction Community! Your #GivingTuesday support is an investment in the health and wellbeing of our communities.

#Giving Tuesday is one day of collective global philanthropy. But our mission is to address and end breast cancer every day. This work happens because YOU believe in, support, and share our work. Thank you!

Breast Cancer Action is a lean organization with an outsized impact. For over 30 years our power has come from the commitment and support of our members. We raise the vast majority of our funding from individuals like YOU—and you can trust we’ll never take money from corporations or organizations that profit from or contribute to breast cancer. That means we’ll always put your health first.

You heard from 3 board members on #Giving Tuesday. We want to hear from YOU. Financial investments to our mission happen every day. Donate today to make your contribution on any day — to raise your voice, celebrate a loved one, or to share the reason you support our work.

And our independence – our refusal to accept funds from any corporation that profits from or contributes to cancer – means that we can continue to speak truth to power and to hold our leaders accountable, no matter who they are. Together, we will continue, every day to raise our voice to injustices and truths, so people are placed before profits. Together, we will not stop until the burdens of the breast cancer crisis end.

Please join us today.